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Tahanan Membership is open to everyone who can work independently in the Studio without instruction. Tahanan students automatically get a FREE six-month membership after finishing a class.

Membership privileges:

  • Rental access to Tahanan Studios, tools, and equipment
  • Consultation with Tahanan Resident Artists for special projects
  • Firing and Kiln Rental with exclusive member firing rates
  • Use of Tahanan Cone 6 glazes and slips
  • Exhibition space in the Sining Tahanan Annual Exhibition in October of each year
  • Display space in the Shop, with a 70% share of sales. Terms and conditions will be covered in the Tahanan - Artist Agreement.

Membership fee:

P5000 for Annual Membership

Please note that when you avail of the Annual Membership, the contract is in effect for a 12-month period. All members will receive notice at the end of their membership term for renewal.


1. All membership fees paid are not refundable.

2. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Membership Agreement is not assignable or transferable by Member and no rights or privileges granted by the membership can be transferred or assigned by Member.

3. Members agree to keep and obey all Studio Policy now implemented or will be prescribed in the future by Tahanan for the use of the studio facilities, tools, and equipment therein.

4. Tahanan reserves the right to revoke a Membership Agreement if the Member fails to keep and obey any of its Studio Policy rules and the Terms and Conditions of this Membership Policy.

5. Members will be held responsible for loss or damages to facility, tools, equipment, and Tahanan’s members’ and students’ works if obvious negligence or improper use or handling is the cause.

6. For Tahanan Student-Members: Should student-members take another Tahanan class during the duration of their free six-month membership, the previous free membership benefit will no longer apply, and the start of the six-month FREE membership will commence on the last session of their current class.