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Mishima Wax Resist and Water Etching Mug Making Workshop

Mishima Wax Resist and Water Etching Mug Making Workshop


Learn the technique of Mishima Wax Resist and Water Etching! Learn how to make your very own one-of-a-kind mug without the use of a potter’s wheel. Use the hand-building technique of slab-making to make special mugs with their unique color and characters.

Technique: Hand building
Session(s): One (1) session
Inclusions: Clay, Underglaze, Glazing, Firing

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1. Health and Age Eligibility
All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before registering for any Tahanan workshop. We shall ask you to present your COVID-19 vaccination card on-site and on the day of your scheduled workshop. All Tahanan workshops are open to students ages 12 and above. Some workshops are open to students aged 5 to 11 years old but these students must be enrolled together with a parent or guardian.

2. No Cancellation Policy
Paid students can no longer cancel their registration in a workshop. Your slot, however, is transferable, only if the workshop has not started and may also be rescheduled on available published dates and schedules.

3. No Refund Policy
No refunds will be given should students be unavailable to complete the workshop for some reason.

4. Minimum Enrollment Requirement
A minimum of four students is required for a workshop schedule to push through. Should a workshop have less than four students enrolled, students may be requested to transfer to available workshop schedules, or the workshop may be rescheduled until the minimum enrollment requirement is reached. Payments shall be refunded if the workshop schedule is canceled.

5. Fee
Workshop Fee is inclusive of clay, glazing, and firing.
1. Attendance
All students must sign in via the Attendance Sheet at the front desk.

2. Clay Allocation
Students shall be allocated the specified amount of clay they will need to finish their workshop project. Clay left over from the project shall be returned to Tahanan.

3. Tools & Equipment
Workshop tools and equipment will be provided on loan during the workshop sessions. All tools must be cleaned and returned in the allocated basin for inspection and inventory of teachers and staff.

4. Work Monitoring Procedures
All student’s works must be stamped with the alphanumeric code provided by Tahanan and signed with the student's name. Students are encouraged to take pictures of their work for future identification purposes.

5. Clean-Up and Pack-Up
Students are tasked to clean their work area, tools, and equipment, free from clay residue, at least 15 minutes before their workshop ends. Students must turn off the pottery wheels they used. To ensure that there is no accumulation of dust in our studios, these health and safety procedures are strictly implemented.

6. Clay Reclaiming Systems
The stainless-steel sinks have a clay reclaiming tank and must only be used for washing items with clay residue. All leather hard, bone-dry clay, and clay slop from the wheel must be dumped into the slop bucket first before the basins are rinsed in the sink. All leather hard and bone-dry clay from hand-building clay projects are placed in a separate basin found beside the sink. All leftover clays from hand-building classes must be sprayed profusely with water, sealed in the bag, and then placed on the work table.

7. Health and Safety Protocols
  • Students are not allowed to go near the kilns, whether it is firing or not.
  • No eating and drinking inside the studios unless your hands have been thoroughly washed and your work area is free from clay dust.
  • No smoking inside the studios and shop. The garage fronting the glazing area is the designated smoking area.

8. Security of Belongings and Works
  • Personal belongings may be stored in the lockers provided at the Shop. There is also a storage space under the worktables.
  • Do not touch other students’ works, whether they are works in progress, bisque fired, glazed, or finished works.

9. Drying, Glazing, and Firing
Students must provide Tahanan teacher or staff their choice of glaze/s for their works at the end of the workshop. Maximum of two glaze applications per work. Tahanan will not be held liable for works that break during drying and firing.

10. Claiming of Works
Tahanan will notify students if works are ready for claiming. Works may be claimed only up to one and a half months after the workshop ends. Unclaimed works shall be disposed of or sold in Tahanan’s Clearance Sales. Students must sign for all claimed works.

11. Use of Studio, Glazing and Firing Services
To qualify for the use of Tahanan studio, glazing and firing services, workshop students are encouraged to enroll in any of Tahanan’s classes to gather more knowledge, techniques, and skills in working with clay and glazing their works. Alternatively, workshop students may sign up for Tahanan Pottery Membership separately to avail of studio, glazing and firing services.