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Studio Services
Studio Use

Studio Use

Clients have exclusive access to Tahanan's Pottery Wheel, Hand-building, and Glazing Studios. The facilities are set up with the equipment you will need to hone your skills. Bring your tools and purchase clay to create your pottery projects. If you have questions on technique or how to proceed with your project, Tahanan Resident Artists are home to answer your queries. 


Studio Use Rate

The Studio Use Rate is Php 125 per hour.


How to reserve Studio Use schedule

To reserve studio time, please call or message us at least one day ahead. You can reach us through the following:

Mobile/Viber: 0917-1277207

Landline: (02) 7117-3401


Studio Use
  1. Clients must reserve Studio Use slots at least one day ahead. Tahanan is open every day except Thursdays and holidays, from 9 AM to 6 PM, unless announced otherwise.
  2. Clients must log their time in and time out to compute for Studio Use hours and rental fee.
  3. Clients must ask Tahanan staff for assistance regarding the operation of equipment that they may be unfamiliar with and any other concerns.
  4. Clients are required to use clay purchased from Tahanan.
  5. Clients are not allowed to do production works in the Studio. However, accommodations may be extended to clients for an additional fee.
Studio Etiquette
  1. All clients are expected to use the appropriate amount of table space and must share facilities, space, tools, and equipment fairly as well as respectfully work side by side with members and students in Tahanan’s Studios.
  2. Clients must use earphones to listen to personal music and phone calls must be taken outside the Studio.
  3. Clients are not allowed to smoke inside the Studio. The designated smoking space is the garage area fronting the Glazing Studio.
Tools & Equipment
  1. Clients are encouraged to bring their own pottery tools. Please label them with your name.
  2. Tools are available and will be provided on loan during Studio Use sessions. All tools must be cleaned and returned to the Tahanan staff for inspection and inventory.
  3. All Tahanan tools and equipment are for studio use only. Borrowing of tools and equipment will not be allowed.
  4. Any loss or damage to loaned tools and equipment shall be reported to Tahanan for assessment. LClients may be charged for damages or losses due to improper use of tools and equipment.
Work Monitoring Procedures
  1. All client’s works must be stamped with the Tahanan code “SU” for Studio User’s work and signed with the student’s name.
  2. Unmarked works cannot be claimed without proof of ownership.
  3. Studio Users are encouraged to take pictures of their works during each stage of the process for future identification purposes.
Works in Progress & Shelf Space
  1. Clients must wrap works in progress properly with plastic sheets. They must be labeled with your name to avoid them being mishandled by other students/studio users looking for their works.
  2. Place your works on your designated shelf rack. Space is limited to a maximum of ONE shelf per client. Should a client wish to use more shelf space, accommodations may be extended for an additional fee.
  3. Tahanan will not be held liable for any loss or damage to client's works at any stage of the ceramic process.
Clean-Up and Pack-Up
  1. Students are tasked to pack up and clean their work area, tools, and equipment, making sure they are free from clay or glaze residue, at least 15 minutes before closing time.
  2. The stainless-steel sinks have a clay reclaiming tank and must only be used for washing items with clay residue.
  3. All leather hard and bone dry clay from trimmings and leftover hand-building clays are placed in a separate bucket found beside the sink.
  4. For Wheel Users: All clay slop from the wheel must be dumped into the slop bucket first before it is rinsed in the sink. Use the bath scrubbing rag to clean the wheel table, wheel head, and wheel basins efficiently. Wash the wooden and plastic bats. Scrape dried clay off the table, sweep it off and wipe it with a wet rag.
  5. For Hand Builders: Rinse the canvas cloth to remove any clay residue, wring and place inside a basin or hang out to dry if a drying bar is available. Wash wooden bats, rolling pins, and wooden slats used. Scrape dried clay off the table, sweep it off and wipe with a wet towel.
  6. Clients must bring home personal clay. Tahanan will not be held liable for lost clays left in the Studio.
  7. Clients must turn off pottery wheels, faucets, fans, and lights when not in use.
  1. Clients must prevent contamination of wet glazes by using dedicated glazing tools for each glaze.
  2. Clients must return leftover glazes from dipping tubs and bowls to the correct glaze bucket.
  3. Clients must properly glaze their works to avoid thick applications. Clients must wipe the bottom of their works and leave a minimum ¼ inch margin from the bottom edge on all pieces. There will be a minimum P250 penalty charged should the glaze touch the kiln shelf. The fee goes up commensurately depending on the severity of kiln damage.
  4. Collect all glaze residue, whether powdered or liquid, as a slop glaze. Ask Tahanan staff where to put the glaze residue collected.
  5. Place glazed works in a designated shelf rack ready for glaze firing.
Health and Safety Protocols
  1. Clients must always wear a mask.
  2. Clients must practice physical distancing, at least 1 meter apart.
  3. Clients must disinfect hands regularly.
  4. Clients must clean clay and glaze residues on work areas with wet rags. Sweep and wipe work areas carefully to avoid kicking up dust into the air.
  5. Clients are encouraged to smoothen works at the leather hard stage. If sanding is necessary, members must wear a mask while sanding.
  6. Clients must AVOID prolonged skin contact with glazes. Wash hands properly after glazing.
  7. Clients with allergies must provide their own dust masks and/or surgical gloves.
  8. Clients are not allowed to go in the kiln area, whether it is firing or not.
  9. Light snacking and drinking to rehydrate is allowed inside the Studio but make sure your hands have been thoroughly washed and your work area is free from clay and glaze dust.
Security of Belongings and Works
  1. Personal belongings may be stored in the lockers provided at the Shop. There is also storage space under the worktables. Tahanan will not be held liable for any loss.
  2. Clients may opt to rent lockers monthly to store personal items, tools, and clay.
  3. Do not touch other clients’ or students’ works, whether they are works in progress, bisque fired, glazed, or finished works. Any loss or damage may be charged to the members.
Claiming of Works
  1. Tahanan shall inform members if fired works are ready for claiming. Works may be claimed only up to three months after the works have been fired.
  2. Unclaimed works shall be disposed of, donated or sold in Tahanan’s Clearance Sales.
  3. Clients must sign for all claimed works.