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About Us

How We Started

Assoc. Prof. Rita Badilla-Gudiño, MFA, has been fascinated with the process of ceramics ever since she was a design student at UP College of Fine Arts (UPCFA). The motivation to put up Tahanan came from a need to make ceramics available to everyone and to have a space to share her knowledge, skills, and passion for ceramic arts.

Vicente Gudiño worked for a multinational company before deciding to start Tahanan with his wife Rita. He found working with clay to be an intuitive and gratifying process, an experience he wishes to share with his students.

Stanley Ruiz, a designer and faculty member at UPCFA, is Tahanan’s first partner. Stanley’s interest in ceramics came from the ability to shape clay into functional objects and transform it to permanence through firing.

Tahanan first opened its doors to the community in October 2018. Three short years later, they moved to a bigger home! In its growth, Dr. Daphne Ang came in to support Tahanan. She fell in love with clay as it offered a quiet time to draw on her creativity. Through their collective efforts, Tahanan now has exclusive rights to distribute quality clays, materials, and equipment from Laguna Clay, a US-based company, which has been in the business for over 40 years.

Built on the expertise and commitment of its founders and partners, Tahanan has paved the way in developing a community with great interest and appreciation for ceramic arts. It has grown to become a dedicated place open to anyone looking at pottery for enrichment and inspiration!

Mission & Vision

Tahanan aims to lead the way in making ceramic arts more accessible to Filipinos through quality ceramic work and effective teaching services for all skill levels.

We are working on building a thriving pottery community that will continuously inspire and challenge each other for the development and promotion of Philippine Ceramic Arts.

*All maskless photos were taken pre-pandemic.

Meet the Team

Get to know the people who help run Tahanan


Program Director
On top of her role at Tahanan, Rita is also an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (UPCFA). Her participation in the 2000 Tokoname International Ceramic Arts Workshop in Japan honed her ceramic art practice; and in 2008, she propelled the founding of the UPCFA Ceramic Studio, where she continues to direct its programs.

She teaches Hand-building Sculptural and Functional Classes as well as Single Session Hand-building Project-based Workshops.
Executive Director
Vicente draws on his years of experience in marketing, sales, and customer service for a multinational company to efficiently and effectively run Tahanan’s operations. As a hands-on manager, he has dedicated himself to running the business as well as developing his practice in forming works using the potter’s wheel. His full commitment to these endeavors has led to the success that Tahanan enjoys today.

He teaches Basic Wheel Pottery Classes and Exploratory Wheel Pottery Workshops.


PR & Publicity Partner
Stanley is a product designer and artist who works across objects, installations, and environments. He trained in ceramics in Bali and New York, and is currently based in Manila where he teaches materials for industrial design at the UP College of Fine Arts.

He teaches the Single Session Workshops at Tahanan.
PR & Publicity Partner
A pathologist by profession, Daphne has always been curious and eager to explore new things. When a friend recommended that she try pottery, she jumped at the chance. Pottery has since become a fulfilling creative outlet that helps her relax and unwind after busy days at the lab.


Customer Relations Management
Esme is a painting graduate who continues to practice her art and participate in exhibitions. She prefers to be in a creative environment rather than just sit at home. In the future, she plans to open her own studio space and gallery.
Custodian & Operations Assistant
If you’ve taken a class at Tahanan, you’d know that Bhing is the most called out name. She makes sure that all tools, supplies, and equipment are in-stock and ready for use every day. In case you need to find anything in the studio rooms or at the shop, Bhing is the person to ask. Between classes, Bhing keeps everything spic and span and assists in ceramic studio operations.
Custodian & Operations Assistant
Ronel is our all-around Mister Reliable who maintains Tahanan grounds, facilities, and equipment while also performing minor and preventive repairs. His main task is to assist in ceramic studio operations such as ceramic materials inventory control, clay processing, glaze mixing, kiln work, firing, and maintenance.

Meet the Teachers

Get to know the mentors who will happily guide you on your pottery journey
Aleister is a Chief Strategy Officer of a multinational financial service company. He started his journey into pottery in 2002 and joined Tahanan as a teacher for the Pottery Wheel Classes. His motivation to teach is propelled by a desire to build an appreciation for the art and science behind ceramics. He approaches teaching with attention to framework and breaks down the process of pottery wheel throwing into units that are easily understood.
Reynel started working as a technical staff at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts Ceramic Studio in 2011. He is trained in all the ceramic processes required to run a ceramic studio. His fascination with the medium and processes of ceramics led him to hone his practice in forming clay works using the potter’s wheel. He spends his weekends sharing his love for the medium with his students at Tahanan in his Basic Pottery Wheel Class.
Sonny is an advertising Broadcast Producer by profession who began his pottery journey in 2003. He remains a serious pottery enthusiast and continues to channel his attention to detail in the production of his functional ceramic tableware and decorative sculptures. He aims to share his knowledge gained through the years as he joins Tahanan in developing pottery as an art form in his Intermediate Pottery Wheel Class.
Monica is a creative writing graduate from UP Diliman and a communications head by profession. In her free time, she translates and edits books. When not working with words, she uses clay as her medium of storytelling by creating wheel-thrown pieces inspired by her hometown, Palawan. In her Basic Pottery Wheel Classes, she aims to encourage students to share their unique stories through clay. She also provides social media content for Tahanan.
Bong is a multi-talented creative professional who is as passionate about work as he is about his other creative pursuits. This advertising creative director is a multi-hyphenate in his off-hours as a serious ceramic enthusiast, poet, aviator, automotive writer, and theater director. Find out how you can tap into your creativity and center yourself with clay, as he guides you in his Basic Pottery Wheel Class.
Kim, a graduate of UP College of Architecture, took several ceramic courses at UPCFA and pursued an apprenticeship at the UPCFA Ceramic Studio. He is an interdisciplinary architect researching processes to integrate ceramics with architecture through material exploration, product design, and manufacturing. Discover the value of details and structural form in Kim’s Basic Pottery Wheel Class at Tahanan.

Tô is a professor, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts for more than 30 years. His passion for clay and ceramics started in 2013 and has been his art practice both in the academe and in the art circle. Tô also teaches the Studio Pottery courses at the college and developed, in part; the ceramic courses offered at the University. His works, which are primarily functional and formed using the potter’s wheel, have been exhibited both locally and internationally. Tô has participated in various international Clay and Ceramic Art conferences and workshops to work towards his vision of institutionalizing the Ceramic Arts and Design Program in the country’s premier university. He joins Tahanan Pottery as a teacher of the Basic Pottery Wheel Class to share his passion for working with clay with a larger community.
For Dang, teaching is second nature to her. Despite working as an Industrial Designer for exporting companies and later as a furniture designer in Singapore, she always finds herself settling into a teaching job. She taught design courses in UP College of Fine Arts, her alma matter, then became an art teacher in Saudi Arabia, an online English teacher for foreign nationals and later with Kids At Art Workshop, one of the longest running Art workshops for kids in the Philippines. She developed some of the quality art programs that Kids at Art is known for and this included pottery. For her clay, is a fun and tactile medium that every kid should get a chance to experience.
Chadee is an industrial design graduate of UP College of Fine Arts. Coming from a family that supported her interest in art since she was a child, she greatly values the benefits of early art education. This inspired her to become an art educator for children and adults as well. Chadee continues to hone her skills as a visual artist and designer. Her current art practice involves designing and working for a New York-based jewelry company as well as for a Southeast Asian-based company that develops and produces paraphernalia for visual journaling. Chadee teaches the Tahanan Kids Pottery Classes and Workshops. She hopes to draw from her long experience in teaching art to kids to inspire them to have fun expressing their imaginations in clay.

Mara is a young artist currently finishing her undergraduate studies at UP College of Fine Arts. Her passion for clay started when she took a ceramics class in college. This changed her path from taking the painting program to sculpture. She took multiple ceramic courses offered at the college and further honed her skills as an apprentice at Tahanan. Mara’s passion for ceramic arts and desire to learn enabled her to progress her skills quickly. She now teaches Basic Hand-building Functional Pottery and Basic Sculptural Classes.
Vee started pottery in early 2022 as a student at Tahanan. At that moment, she immediately knew she wanted to be a potter. This lead her to be an apprentice at Tahanan under the guidance of Vicente Gudiño. Vee uses her passion for arts and design to fuel her growth as a ceramic artist. In her artmaking, she leans on the intersection of function and aesthetics, which she imparts to her students in her Basic Pottery Wheel Classes.