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Firing & Kiln Rental

Firing & Kiln Rental

Avail of Tahanan’s Firing and Kiln Rental Services. You can pay for kiln space for your work/s or rent the entire kiln for bisque or glaze firing. Use of Tahanan Cone 6, 9, and 10 glazes are inclusive of firing and kiln rental charges. Please note that we require that you use Tahanan clays for your works to ensure proper glaze fit and compatibility with our kiln firing temperatures. Packing and delivery of fired pieces are exclusive of our fees.

Tahanan Kilns

Tahanan has three kilns for rent. Below are the dimensions of our kilns:

  • Gas Kiln A: 1 cubic meter or 35.3147 cubic feet
  • Gas Kiln B: 24x17x17 inches
  • Electric Kiln: 11.3 cubic feet

Kiln Volume

  • Gas Kiln A: 1 cubic meter or 35.31 cubic feet
  • Gas Kiln B: 578 cubic feet
  • Electric Kiln: 11.3 cubic feet

Firing Temperatures

  • Cone 06: 998 - 1011 °C
  • Cone 6: 1222 - 12241 °C
  • Cone 9: 1260 - 1280 °C
  • Cone 10: 1285 - 1305 °C

Per Piece Firing Rates

Cone 6

  • Php 3.75 / cubic inch inclusive of bisque firing, glaze, and glost firing
  • Php 3.80 / cubic inch inclusive of bisque firing, glaze, glazing services, and glost firing

Cone 9-10

  • Php / cubic inch inclusive of bisque firing, glaze, and glost firing
  • Php / cubic inch inclusive of bisque firing, glaze, glazing services, and glost firing

Firing & Kiln Rental Rates 

For Kiln Rental rates of our kilns, call or message us.  


How to avail of our firing and kiln rental services:

You can bring your leather hard, bone dry, or bisque-fired works at Tahanan Pottery Shop any day, except Thursdays or holidays, from 9 am to 6 pm. Works shall be inspected before they will be put in queue for firing. The firing of works is done on a first come-first serve basis. We shall inform you as soon as your results have been bisque/glost fired. You shall be asked to sign the Firing and Kiln Rental Policy on your first service schedule.


To schedule Firing and Kiln Rental, please call Tahanan through the following numbers:

Mobile/Viber: 0917-1277207

Landline: (02) 7117-3401

We are located at: 27B Scout Tobias corner Scout Lozano St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines 1103

    1. Signing of Tahanan Firing & Kiln Rental Policy

    2. Inspection and measuring of works in inches for firing

    3. Payment

    4. Bisque Firing

    5. Glazing by Client

    6. Glaze Firing

    7. Delivery or pick-up of works

    1. To ensure proper glaze fit and compatibility with our kiln firing temperatures, Tahanan requires the use of Tahanan clays in making your works for firing at Tahanan.

    2. Firing of works and rental of kilns is subject to Tahanan firing schedules. Works are fired on a first-come-first-served basis and upon settling of firing charges

    3. Items over 9 inches in height or needing more than one kiln shelf, will be fired if space is available and if it will not interfere with the flow of other works needing to be fired. Additional fees may be assessed and charged in advance on approved large projects.

    4. Should kiln damages occur due to thick glaze application, members may be charged an additional fee. There will be a minimum Php 250 penalty charged should the glaze touch the kiln shelf. The fee goes up commensurately depending on the severity of kiln damage. Tahanan will contact you if these penalty fees need to be charged and provide you with the documentation of the damages.

    5. Tahanan will not be held responsible for breakage of work, cracks that occur during firing, or poor glazing results. Although the utmost care will be taken when firing the work provided, there is always a chance the piece will crack or potentially explode due to issues such as errors in craftsmanship, excessive thickness, or potential kiln malfunction. Tahanan will assume no responsibility for any of the above-mentioned firing issues that may occur, and Clients are still responsible for payment in full for firing services.